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We make Retail & CPG future ready

Our three-decade journey with the Retail & CPG industry has cultivated a profound understanding and expertise, fostered enduring relationships and thought leadership. Leveraging our rich repository of skills, industry networks, and cutting-edge methodologies, we empower brands to achieve their objectives. Our advisory services encompass strategic areas such as digital transformation, cross-border brand growth, private label development, supply chain optimization, and sustainable profitability.
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Digital & AI

Consumer-driven brands are harnessing enterprise data to glean insights into consumer behavior, enabling data-driven decisions across product development, marketing, operations, and customer service. Brands are now charting a strategic roadmap to make use of emerging AI-driven technologies to enhance competitive efficiency and elevate customer experiences for long-term success.


Combatting global waste and emissions, Retail & CPG brands seek to enhance sustainability without compromising customer experience or profitability. Through innovative processes and practices, we enable brands to maximize their sustainability coefficient, addressing environmental concerns while driving growth.

Customer Engagement

In the era of Retail D2C and CPG, unified customer experiences are paramount. We specialize in crafting omnichannel strategies that enhance brand loyalty and unlock hidden value within its customer base. Our hyper-personalization models cater to individual consumer needs, driving meaningful engagement and fostering brand advocacy.

Global Brand Expansion

As post-pandemic markets rebound, new growth opportunities emerge in regions like India, South America, and the Middle East. Our expertise in identifying suitable partners and nurturing long-term relationships equips global brands to capitalize on these burgeoning markets.

Services Ecosystem

Marketing & Customer Engagement

Market research, loyalty management, in-house influencer marketing, search intelligence.

Brand Development

Cross-border brand strategy, private label development, brand partnerships.

Supply Chain Optimization

Enhancing efficiency and resilience across supply chains through advanced analytics, logistics optimization, and risk management.

Private Label Creation

Tailored solutions for developing and launching private label products, from ideation to market execution.

IT & Digital

IT audit, digital strategy, AI strategy, vendor selection, project management.

Innovation & IPs

Cutting-edge solutions spanning POS, OMS, ERP, CDP, process automation, video analytics, and more.