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Join Ajay Aggarwal in weekly conversations with the global leaders of the Retail, Technology and Consumer industry.

Tom Burgess
President, Snipp Media Networks
Tom has pioneered the Retail Media space since 1994 as an entrepreneur and kept innovating this space through series of his ventures. Tom Burgess is the President of Snipp Media Networks and a Serial Entrepreneur. Acquisition of his first venture, Eco Media by Soft Bank in 1998 not just inspired him but made him hungry for more and he just kept building businesses and creating value for other larger entities. Having exited from 4 of his retail media ventures, he now …
Pankaj More and Vishal Kapil
Both Pankaj More and Vishal Kapil are seasoned technology executives with extensive global experience in driving digital transformation within the Retail and CPG industries. Pankaj, with his background in leadership roles at Walmart and GE, brings a wealth of experience in spearheading technology-driven initiatives across diverse regions such as Africa, India, and the United States. Similarly, Kapil’s tenure at companies like Marks & Spencer India and …
Bijou Kurien, Himanshu Chakravarty and John Scott
Managing Director - Vijay Sales
2023 was the first full recovery year for the retail industry after disruptions due to the pandemic. In this year-end episode of Leaders & Innovators, we thought let’s invite a few leaders from different sections of the industry and discuss with them the overall status of how things have recovered, what has changed permanently, and …
Nilesh Gupta
Managing Director - Vijay Sales
In India, we have some commonly known brands like Bajaj, Wipro, Cipla, MDH, Haldiram, and many more which have continued to stay true to their fundamentals over the generations and evolved to their customers and market needs over these years. Their continuous success & growth have been inspiring for many new brands to emerge in the same space. Nilesh Gupta is someone who has not just taken his father’s legacy forward in true spirit but also …
Harish Mehta
Executive Chairman - Onward Technologies | Co-Founder - NASSCOM
Attending the Pathshala during my formative years exposed me to the illuminating tenets of Jainism such as Ahimsa – Aparigraha – Sweekar – and Anekaantwad. There can be varied reasons behind the existence of multiple truths. It could be a limitation of words, language, thinking, logic, emotions or senses. It is special because …
Anna Berry
Director, Retail 100
A passionate leader with a reputation for delivering, Anna Berry has over 34 years of retail experience. As Head of Category in Home, Anna was responsible for a team of sixty and over £450m in sales for John Lewis. Anna also built the General Merchandise ranges in Waitrose. Anna is strategically agile and sees opportunities to respond to customer needs with creative new …
Himanshu Chakravarti
Himanshu joined Snapdeal in Nov 2021 and is currently the CEO of Snapdeal and Stellaro Brands. Building Snapdeal 2.0: A pioneer of Indian e-commerce, Snapdeal exclusively serves India’s value commerce segment, with quality products designed to meet the requirements of mid-income, price-conscious buyers. Snapdeal’s focus is on providing excellent levels of …
Daniel Guerra
Daniel has more than 30 years of experience in the Lifestyle industry with a focus on apparel and Accessories. With strong analytical skills and expertise in the whole value chain (BD, design, production, distribution, communication…), He is able to take a 360° approach to the lifestyle business. He is also extensively experienced in creating, motivating, and managing …
Nina Lekhi
Founder & Chief Design Officer - Baggit
Ms. Nina Lekhi, the Founder MD and Chief Design Curator of Baggit, is an accidental entrepreneur, who pursued her creative hobby of designing bags for the No. 1 Ladies’ Handbags brand in India. It all started with Rs 7,000 borrowed from her mother after she failed in her first year of college. Baggit is perhaps the only leading Brand to persist with the difficult task …
Ramesh Menon
CEO, HT Media
Ramesh has rich cross Industry, and cross-geography experience of over 25 years across high complexity, intensely competitive industries such as FMCG, Retail and telecom and now Media. He has been in leadership roles across companies such as Hypercity Retail, Future Group, Airtel and Spencers leading change and transformation in mostly turn around and …
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Ajay Aggarwal

Founder, Seacom Next

Join Ajay Aggarwal, a global retail professional in weekly conversations with the global leaders of the Retail, Technology and Consumer industry sharing their journey of making an impactful contribution to the industry. Inspirations & lessons from their stories and experiences to empower a new generation of professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Ajay has spent over 48 years in the retail and technology industries as a leader, entrepreneur, evangelist, mentor and advisor! 

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