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Reward or loyalty program? The future ahead

Sometime in the midnineteenth century, following its civil war, America went through severe recession as gold, silver and currencies had been hoarded, creating shortages of currency in the market. Grocery retail chains started minting their own copper, brass and tin coins to give their customers as change in return. Customers then had to come back […]

Time to shift to demand-driven supply chain

When the pandemic began in early 2020, the first casualty in the retail industry was supply chain. There was chaos, and consumers struggled to find ways to fulfill their daily needs – essential as well as non-essential – in the restricted environment they had access to outside their homes. Gradually, overall disruption in end-to-end supply […]

Will quick commerce drive e-commerce growth?

The first product to start retailing online, which introduced e-commerce to the world in the late 1990s, was books. Global customers steadily started using this as a reliable channel to fulfill their needs across categories. Fashion and lifestyle categories soon began to dominate, and may continue to rule in terms of consumer wallet share. However, […]

Why local grocers still rule the roost

Food and grocery retail is the largest segment in the Indian retail sector with an annual spend of $570 billion, around two thirds of the overall retail spend in our country. This is growing at over 10% every year. Though a large number of organised brands have come up in the recent years, 80% of […]

Selling Bikes & Cars online, way back in 2010

Post pandemic everyone is talking about growth of online business and how brands are also exploring Direct-to-Consumer models to create new relationships. This is very much the flavor of the season for CPG sector, however I don’t see any action on this front in the automobile sector. Last month I wrote this piece on how […]

We did same-day grocery home delivery way back in 2013!

Couple of weeks ago one of my colleagues from KLISMA connected back after almost 7 years. Kunal Vora worked with me as an intern for 6 months in 2013 and he now works for Tesla in the US. Since Kunal was very keen to work on a supply chain project, I chose to deploy him […]

Pandemic – Is it a crisis for Retailers

Apart from stock market, Retail is the only business looking visibly impacted by Corona globally. Malls and high streets are shutting down due to lock-downs whereas on the other hand supermarkets, pharmacy stores, food stores and online stores are experiencing a different surge. Panic buying, shortages and huge drop in fulfillment rate of online retailers […]

Will E-Commerce be ever able to match In-store shopping experience

Over the last 5 years variety of e-commerce platforms are trying to cater to each of these shopping needs but most of them are offering similar experiences. Instead of trying to offer category specific experience all of them are trying to catch consumer attention using deals and discounts and that too on big ticket items which actually deserve planned shopping experience.

Role of Store in Influencing a Brand

I see this as the time when the role of physical stores has the best opportunity to evolve in different ways. Brand and retailers can start re-imagining the role of their stores in many ways and, in doing so, they will rebuild value make their stores more relevant to their consumers.