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A Global Retailer with Desi Flavour

Mark Ashman
Ex-MD - Marks & Spencer (India) & Hypercity

Mark is a career retailer who spent his formative years with Marks and Spencer in the UK. In 2008 he was given the opportunity to spend time in India to set up Indian operations. What followed was a six-year journey, firstly with Marks and Spencer and Reliance and then with Hypercity and the Rahejas. “The experience was far better than any business school,” and India left a wonderful lasting impression not just on Mark, but the whole family. A stint with Alshaya in the Middle East followed and today Mark is working with a PE-backed supermarket chain in Egypt and other consulting roles.

His leadership style has been to empower those closest to the customer, to focus on clearly understanding a customer’s needs & relationship with a brand and then to build a profitable retail operating model.

“So often in retail, the customer and the business basics get lost, until it’s too late.”

“Retail is a simple business, but a complex process, just ask any Kirana owner”.

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Ajay Aggarwal

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Join Ajay Aggarwal, a global retail professional in weekly conversations with the global leaders of the Retail, Technology and Consumer industry sharing their journey of making an impactful contribution to the industry. Inspirations & lessons from their stories and experiences to empower a new generation of professionals and entrepreneurs. 

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