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Leadership Through India’s First Generation IT Startup

Arun Tolani
First Generation IT Leader

Arun is a first-generation IT entrepreneur with almost 50 years of association with the industry. After completing his engineering in Computer Science from IIT, Bombay was selected to the elite SMT program of DCM Group in 1974 and then he went on work with them to build India’s first IT company DCM Data Products till 1983.

After leaving DCM Data Products as the Regional Head of Western India He joined International Computers India Manufacturers(ICIM), an Indian subsidiary of International Computers Limited, UK as Vice President, Marketing. Arun founded and served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of ICIM International Inc. (Zensar Technologies) building it from scratch in 1991. He developed lower-cost offshore resources, leveraging economic and global development cycles to ICIM’s benefit, thereby consolidating the parent company’s leadership role in outsourcing services.

After leaving Zensar in 1999, he started his own venture, iCelerate Inc. in 2000 as President & CEO. After iCelerate’s acquisition in 2007, he helped a few other ventures in the valley to scale and grow. In 2009 he launched Runa Inc. which was acquired by Staples in 2014.

After supporting few other startups in the valley till 2017, he has been working with few not for profit organizations in advisory capacity. Apart from achieving success in his own career Arun has been instrumental in helping hundreds of young professionals in shaping their careers through his mentorship and leadership.

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