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Will E-Commerce be ever able to match In-store shopping experience

Over the last 5 years variety of e-commerce platforms are trying to cater to each of these shopping needs but most of them are offering similar experiences. Instead of trying to offer category specific experience all of them are trying to catch consumer attention using deals and discounts and that too on big ticket items which actually deserve planned shopping experience.

Is India ready for Customer Advocacy?

I have always believed if every business starts focusing honestly on their customers then they are not only on success track but also don’t have to waste lot of money of marketing channels. I also believe that acquiring customers may not be very difficult but making them buy from you regularly and making them your brand advocates is most important. I always advocate that major portion marketing budgets shall be spent only on this and not for acquiring new customers.

Courteous staff can make shoppers stick around

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine in the consulting business invited me to attend an event on customer experience. His company was presenting its new set of framework, CINDEXDS and CINDEXBQ – which basically quantify the level of delight customers feel for a particular brand and also measures a bottom quartile score that indicates […]